Dr. Alexandre Riazanov (Alexander Ryazanov)

Dr. Alexandre Riazanov    Cell phone in Seattle: +1 - 206 - 305 3485

    Email: [email protected]

     I am an applied computer scientist and a software developer, scouting for, and developing new powerful ideas through academic research, and making them work for real world applications, such as Bioinformatics and Clinical Informatics, through industrial R&D.

     My most recent research aims at providing life scientists and clinicians with scalable self-service access to data, typically distributed and heterogeneous, by developing new methods and tools for reasoning-enabled semantic data management. In the past, I have done research on commonsense reasoning for Natural Language Understanding (industry work) and efficient implementation techniques for automated reasoning. The latter resulted in the development of the high-performance theorem prover Vampire.

    I am currently in Seattle, developing new database systems at Amazon Web Services. Previously I was affiliated with IPSNP Computing (still serving as a Principal Tech Advisor), University of New Brunswick, North Side Inc, The University of Manchester , Uppsala University and Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems in Novosibirsk




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